The Reality of Working from Home

Being a virtual professional has become one of the most popular and sought after work-at-home jobs today. Imagine, having great pay and earning $$$ without having to leave your home? All you need is a good computer, fast and reliable internet connection and some skills that the company is looking for… and you’re good to go!

However, just like any other job, being a virtual professional is not for exactly for everybody… working from home may have some cons and disadvantages. Here, listed below are some reasons why you need to think twice before deciding to be one:

  • Scams – It is an undeniable fact that the Internet is home to different online scams, and virtual professional job offerings are definitely not an exemption. Don’t fall a victim to these scams. Before applying in these companies, research about the company, join virtual professional forums, ask people who are or have been part of the company.MyOutdesk is a virtual professional company that is registered both here in the Philippines and the United States. We are a US based company, but we have a management team comprised entirely of Filipinos. Our virtual professionals are bound by an Independent Contractor Agreement which guarantees your job security and also, validates that our company is legit and not a scam.
  • No Incentives – Though virtual professional companies offer very competitive pay with absolutely no deductions… they do not offer incentives and benefits such as healthcare (HMO), paid leaves, loans, etc. With MyOutdesk however, you get all these plus more! Our virtual professionals who have stayed 6 months with our company are offered HMO with 1 free dependent, 7 paid leaves for each year, loan benefits, invites to company paid events, and other client given incentives.
  • Graveyard shift – Since MyOutdesk virtual professionals cater to real estate agents in the US, it is most likely that our work schedule revolves during night time, while everyone else at home is asleep. Make sure you are ready for this type of setup – take vitamins and health supplements, and make sure to get enough rest during the day.
  • Distractions – Since you will be working at home, you will be surrounded with a lot of distractions — kids running around, your housemates conversing/laughing in the background, your TV, game console, etc. All these distractions may affect your work adversely, but all of these can be solved just by having the right mindset.. it would also help to create and set aside your own workspace at home, away from all these distractions.

Being a virtual professional, just like any other profession can be advantageous and vice versa. You may be deprived of normal sleep hours, but then again learning to adjust is not just an option but a solution as well. You can turn these weaknesses to strengths and make these reasons why become a virtual professional.

MyOutdesk is hiring virtual professionals from all over the Philippines. View our current job openings here and join our growing MyOutdesk family!