Code of Ethics

Commitment to the highest standards of excellence, ethical and professional conduct is expected of every Virtual Assistant at MyOutDesk

Here are the core standards of ethical commitment that our Virtual Assistants uphold:

  • Our Virtual Assistants accept and commit to their ethical responsibility towards clients, colleagues and to themselves. They accept to provide service responsibly, with the highest level of integrity and commitment. They will not knowingly cause damage to themselves, to those they associate themselves with and to the company.
  • Our Virtual Assistants are advocates of the importance of honesty and trustworthiness in every aspect of their working relationships. They are bound to exercise integrity, honesty and confidentiality.  Our Virtual Assistants are sensitive towards cultural differences and beliefs, value diversity and have an open mind with other peoples’ values.
  • With the rapid advancement of new technology in terms of online tools and systems – our Virtual Assistants ensure that they are informed on the latest trends in sustaining and reinforcing their value to the team, and demonstrate a strong commitment to providing the highest quality of service to their clients.
  • Our Virtual Assistants also show vigilance on the importance of building and keeping a good network amongst other online professionals in maintaining their sharp edge in the industry.
  • All our Virtual Assistants stand firm that being part of MyOutDesk is a privilege and responsibility to provide excellent service with integrity at all times.