My Outdesk— My New Home

I have been working online for around 5 years now, and I have done everything from your basic jobs like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Data Mining, Virtual Professional (VP) Tasks, and Social Media Marketing to more unusual jobs and projects like game testing, online voice lessons and video voice-overs. Of all the people I have encountered and of all the kinds of people I have been able to work with, I have to say that (MOD) is one of the best I have ever encountered.

One of the most difficult things about being a Virtual Professional is communication. Many times, many clients will expect the people they hire online to give them everything they want exactly as they want it without outlining how to get that done. A well seasoned online professional will always have an arsenal of tools and knowledge of many different things; however mind reading is not one of them. I have been fired many a time because a client was not happy with the work I have done, granted, I am only human, I can say that I will take full responsibility for some client’s dissatisfaction, but to be perfectly honest, most of the time I find that it is because a client failed to tell me certain key pieces of information. Thus bringing frustration to all parties involved. This is one thing that the My Outdesk team fights against. Even before a potential client interviews one of the VA of MOD, the management team makes sure that the VA is aware of the tasks they will be handling if the client does agree to take them on, if that happens, MOD does not just leave the VA and the client to fend for themselves, which bring me to my next key point.

MOD has an excellent support system in place. This support system is not only for the VA or the Client but for all parties involved. Aside from the rigorous 2 week training program that a newly hired VA goes through even before they are recommended to clients, MOD has coaches for VA who might have difficulty with certain tasks. The coaches are there to walk the VA through certain things they may be having difficulty with and ensures that the VA gets to the point where he or she can execute the tasks to near perfection. This support system makes a huge difference for both the VA and the client. Clients can be assured that they will not have to waste extra time and money just to make sure that their VA gets what needs to be done.

My OutDesk is definitely not just another company. It is full of heart and soul and it is palpable through the people who are part of it. They do not hire just anybody, quality is definitely important to the MOD team. The hiring process is extremely stringent and to say that MOD is thorough is an understatement. As soon as an applicant’s resume passes the initial screening, the process begins with an initial interview, the HR team of MOD gets to know the applicant a little better and they gauge if the applicant has potential. If this first interview is successful, the applicant is then asked to take an exam, this exam is made to test the VA’s skill set and is not easy by any definition. The exam includes a tap dance test where proficiency in basis like Spelling, Grammar, Typing, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are gauged, the applicant is also given a sample BPO to fill out, a tech test, flyer creation and finally the applicant is asked to take the DISC personality test. The DISC is a diagnostic tool that assesses a person’s personality, strengths and weaknesses. This is great because it is sent to any potential client as a basis for what the VA might be like, what kinds of environments work for each one and how they may act in certain situations. This exam takes several hours. If the applicant passes the exam, there is a second and final interview, if the VA passes screening in all these steps they are asked to join a 2 week training session, this does not guarantee a VA will be hired because in order to be endorsed to a client, the VA must pass the exam that is given after training. Even before the training process, MOD ensues that the VA is really a good fit for the company, an extensive background check is done by getting in touch with references and getting certified clearance from the government/police, MOD also makes sure that the VA has back up plans for instances where there might be power outages, ISP failure and the like, back-ups are a requirement and not simply a suggestion.

Training at MOD is rigorous, it is a 2 week process that includes getting the VA familiar with the Real Estate world in the United States, laws, escrow, REO, rules even types of houses are discussed. The VA learns exactly what it is that a broker or listing agent does in order to be aware of what kind or assistance they need. There is training on REO portals, reimbursements, Zillow, Trulia and even craigslist. Extensive BPO work is also done. At the end of the 2 weeks, an exam is given, and only by passing it can one finally be endorsed with a client. Virtual Professionals from My OutDesk are trained well in order to make your life easy. If you are willing to put in the effort on your end, a virtual professional can be one of the best assets to your business. The MOD management team is extremely hands on and is vigilant about keeping the VA in check.

Over all My OutDesk goes through extreme lengths to ensure that VA and Clients alike, are satisfied and can be productive and an asset to each other. At MOD I have a sense of security because I know that if my abilities fail me, it won’t mean losing my job, I can always look to the MOD team for support and this makes a huge difference. The wonderful working environment, the kind and warm people and the realization of how hands on the founders of MOD are, all these things make me feel like I found a new home and I see myself staying on for years to come.