Modsters Rock MOD CON 2013

Several days have passed since MOD CON 2013, and we still can’t get over all the fun and memories we’ve gained during that awesome weekend! As home-based VAs, it was such an exciting moment to finally see our fellow Virtual Professionals face to face! But much more than that, what makes this MOD CON even more meaningful is that we were all united in a common goal: to GIVE BACK to our community.

MOD CON Weekend was jam-packed with lots of activities. Who could forget the games we played to raise funds for charity and how competitive we all got, to make sure that our team’s charity would win? And the classes that were truly knowledge-enriching, where all VAs learned something that could help them out with their daily client tasks? How heart-warming was our trip to Boystown where we all gave a piece of ourselves to help out these wonderful kids? And most especially, how inspiring was Randell Tiongson’s talk on financial management, that everyone is now thinking of investing and saving up for the future? With all the wonderful events that transpired at MOD CON 2013, I’m sure each one of us has that moment that we won’t be forgetting for a very long time. I asked some of our most loved Real Estate Virtual Professionals on what they consider are the highlights of MOD CON 2013, may it be something funny, interesting or inspiring they did or saw at MOD CON…

“I enjoyed playing games for charity. Everyone participated in the event and really gave their best efforts to win. It was a perfect picture of a friendly competition. The memories are priceless. Just thinking about it makes me smile.” ~ Gay Anne Viray, ISA Trainer “It’s funny that the games were all impromptu. The set up was to have the course throughout the resort but due to rain, we were able to still play games inside. It’s interesting because people are competitive- you see it in them. I guess it’s mark of a Modster.” ~ Chin Espiritu, HR Teamlead

“Since it’s my first Modcon ever, it was nice to finally see my fellow Modsters in person. Being a part of the Charities Committee was an awesome experience. I was able to work with a dynamic group of people. I learned a lot from them.” ~ Mike Bacosa, Charities Committee “The charity event… besides being one of the contributors, going with the group who visited boys town was the highlight of my MOD Con experience.” ~ Brian Lisas, Charity Committee

“This year’s MOD CON was a milestone for me. I was the one who suggested the venue and coordinated with them, too. I made sure that everything was in place during MODcon, I was also the one in charge with coordinating with merchandise T-shirts, pens, mugs, ecobags, etc. I got to work with other tenured VAs who I just looked at in MODcon 2012. I got to meet and talk personally with the owners and know that they would now know if my name gets to be mentioned. I was entrusted with a big amount of money, and I am now one of the VAs whom most VAs know. I got to be acknowledged and was given an award on my first year, an award that I shared with 2 other VA’s who are my seniors. In this year’s MODcon, I was able to give back. I also learned and grew as a MODster. I was given the chance to be one of the VAs who shined this year.” – Roche Delos Santos, Charities Committee

“The most unforgettable is the feeling of being welcomed to your new family. Randell Tiongson’s talk is unforgettable because it made me realize my current financial status and it awakened me to start working on it. It opened doors for new possibilities and new ways on how I can bring my financial status back up.” – Papples Cenina, VA
“I got to see and meet the personas behind the virtual avatars. It was heart-warming to know that the VAs came not only to learn and have fun but to gather and share their blessings to the less fortunate. We talked less of work and more of family, of what they are thankful and of what they are looking forward to. They are happier, confident, and more excited now that they have a better background on savings and money management.” – Iris Michelle Andrino, Client Relations Team

“Everything about MODCON is unforgettable, I really had fun! It was a blast! And I was very lucky to be with them (Jason and Daniel Ramsey) heading back to Manila. I got to chat with them personally and I enjoyed it very much. Now I’m proud to be part of the MOD family — happy and contented especially with my dear clients.” – Khang Bautista, VA “Something interesting I found out from VAs is that, it was quite common for VAs to be treated at home like “almost sick” people — being brought food in bed during off hours, and are seldom seen by their families, because they are almost always stuck in their workplaces. What’s unforgettable is to see the VAs’ willingness to help and share and fight for what they support.” – Lily Fortich-Flor, Management Team

“Since this was my first ever MOD CON, everything was memorable…from travelling to the location, to meeting everyone there. Spending some time with folks I talk to everyday was a really good experience. Looking at the faces of the MOD folks who really wanted to give back to their respective charities during the indoor games made me feel blessed to be part of a group that enjoys helping less fortunate people. For the first time, I saw owners of the company I work for express their love for their employees and, in turn, we showed them that we really cared for the success of their business. Overall, the experience was an enlightening, spirit-lifting, pride-filling moment I will cherish until the next MOD CON comes around.” – Blue Flor, GVA Trainer
Definitely, MODCON 2013 has stayed true to its theme, which is “Giving Back,” and each and every single VA contributed to the success of this event! Check out this video to see the highlights of MOD CON 2013.


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