Get to know MyOutDesk’s Recruitment Process

Are you thinking of pursuing a work from home career with But have absolutely no idea about how our recruitment and application process goes?

We know you have a lot of questions, and we’re here to give clarity to most, if not all of your recruitment-related queries.

How it starts

The process starts once you’ve decided to apply via our website. You can choose from the available job openings, such as General Admin Virtual Professional or Appointment Setter position. Once you’ve chosen which job description suits you best, just hit the “Click to Apply” button, and you will automatically be redirected to our online application form. Just fill-out all the needed details, and make sure you’re equipped with the listed system requirements (for main/back-up pc, main/back-up internet connection), before hitting the “Submit” button.

The Screening Process

We review all applications that come through our website. The screening process has several parts but only takes about 2-3 business days. It’s comprised of an initial call invite, an initial interview from a Recruitment Specialist, brief online profile exam, a final interview from our Recruitment Manager and finally, the systems check.

Important: We always send updates regarding the status of your application, so make sure to check your email (even your spam mail) and cell phone for messages coming from MyOutDesk.

“I’m hired!” What’s next?

Once applicants pass the screening process, they are immediately endorsed to the next training class. Training covers the basics of US Real Estate, as well as other tools and information that will equip you to become the best virtual professional for your future client.

After finishing the training process, we will then match your skills and work experience, to what our pool of clients needs… and next thing you know, you’re already earning your first $$$ paycheck!

Sounds easy right? Well, IT IS!! So, what are you waiting for?? Be a MODster and be part of our family!!! Apply now!!