Eagle School

What makes a Virtual Professional?

Now, as much as I would like to pull up a recipe that has the exact specifications of what a Virtual Professional should be… the truth remains that Virtual Professionals – take note – QUALITY Virtual Professionals, like the ones we have, CANNOT be manufactured.

It makes me imagine as this virtual factory producing Virtual Professionals according to the needs of our clients.

You need a Virtual Professional to handle your leads? Here is an individual with brilliant communication skills and telemarketing experience to handle your outbound calls and generate more leads!

Is your business mostly coming from short sales? Here is a Virtual Professional who is great at multi-tasking, trained in short sales documents, offers and contracts – not to mention good communication skills for those follow up calls to buyers and banks!

You name what you need and we’ll get you someone with the skills and qualifications to get the job done! But how exactly do we do it?

This is the very question that I asked one of my Virtual Professionals as we were discussing creating a video to explain the hiring process to our clients. Her answer was simple: “We tell them that we hire eagles, NOT ducks.”

Dr. John C. Maxwell, a popular thought leader and management coach, firmly advocated that the first rule of management is: Don’t send ducks to eagle school. It’s pretty simple to see why – it just won’t work!

Good people are FOUND – NOT manufactured. So if you want quality people – the first thing that you need to do is to make sure to FIND and RECRUIT quality people into your organization. And this is precisely what we do.

There are a LOT of Virtual Professionals out there who are more than willing to be your Virtual Professional. In fact, they may even ask you for less than what we are charging and that’s alright with us!

At, we don’t claim to have the lowest prices, but despite the growing number of competition, we continue to standby the prices of our services, because we know what we’re doing.

In a previous blog that I wrote, I mentioned the 3 key elements to success: TIME. MONEY. QUALITY. These three points of the Project Management Triangle go hand in hand with one another. You must be able to balance these 3 points for you to have a perfect triangle or in other words… SUCCESS.

Case and Point: If you hire a Virtual Professional who charges you with a very low rate, you may be gaining more MONEY, but if you tip the scale too low in the MONEY aspect, you could be compromising the QUALITY aspect of things.

Yes, there are other Virtual Professionals who charge lesser than we do – but can you guarantee the quality of work that they provide? Do they have the skills that you need? Are they trained in the Real Estate industry? Chances are – they’re not.

Hiring a very cheap Virtual Professional does not guarantee you QUALITY service and the fact that they’re not yet trained or may not have an inkling about the Real Estate market in the United States (which is very different from the Real Estate practices in other countries) will also take a toll on the TIME aspect of the triangle, because you would need to invest more time than necessary in training that person.

This leads us back to our EAGLES. is able to produce quality services, because we don’t hire just anyone. Our Virtual Professionals need to go through an application exam, a series of interviews and even pass our rigorous training program, before they can even think of getting assigned to a client.

But it doesn’t end there – another rule of leadership is to make sure to place the right people in the right place. That’s why our Management team specializes in client-VA profiling. We don’t just give you any Virtual Professional who’s available. We weigh their skills, attitude and strengths and compare this with your needs. This makes it easier for you to make your choice and end up with a good match.

Dr. John C. Maxwell explained that: “Ducks do what ducks do and eagles do what eagles do… As a leader, your job is to help your ducks become better ducks and your eagles become better eagles – to put individuals in the right places and help them reach their potential.”

This is precisely why is a leader in its industry. We care about the people we work with. Our goal is for our clients and Virtual Professionals to reach their potential TOGETHER, allowing for a mutually beneficial business relationship which can lead nowhere else than to SUCCESS. Because when both the employer and employee are happy, what else could go wrong?

Take the time to think of what you really need – do you need a duck or an eagle? Both have their strengths and weaknesses… but one thing we can guarantee is that regardless of what animal you choose to call the employees that you need – we’ll give you people who can fulfill, not only your Virtual Employee Wish list, but someone who can get the job done and give you what you need.

So call us up now and let’s talk about what kind of bird you are – 1-800-583-9950!